Auto Union Warranties is a warranty administration programme founded by industry professionals to provide an excellent quality of service at a fraction of the cost usually associated with warranty providers. Our professional IT systems and warranty point of sale, combined with extensive experience in this competitive sector of the marketplace has made us one of the fastest growing suppliers in the UK.

Our team have been providing the motor industry with regulated and non-regulated warranty products for many years, thus establishing an excellent reputation as trustworthy and reliable business partners.

Auto Union cost

We are committed to being a self-funding company and only wish to work with businesses where we can add value and profit. We will beat your current supplier pricing in some cases by over 60%. We are able to do this as our systems are not outsourced like so many of our competitors, giving us an advantage and allowing us to remain profitable at a much lower cost. We are committed to weekly visits to ensure our dealers are supported to  the highest possible level.


Given the current requirement/direction by the FCA into incentives, I would make a case for considering Dealer Guarantee as an option for moving forward.

Dealer Guarantee will provide you with the same policy cover for your needs and is categorised as a service provision, therefore attracting VAT and not IPT. This programme falls outside of the FCA remit and given the current requirement by the FCA, in expecting demands and needs to be completed for any MBI product sold, given away or even included, because it is viewed as a financial incentive to buy.

Operating Standards

Our Chester based head office provides the administration and claims support handling for our dealers and customers. All of our office team have come from main dealer service, after sales and technical backgrounds.

Auto Union is committed to providing operational support to the best standards. We ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, resulting in the generation of increased dealer and customer confidence. As part of this, we promise to:

• Pay all claims within 24 hours
• Provide weekly support from a representative

Account management

Our team is committed to weekly visits to help ensure our partners achieve our promise to help your team deliver the profit and service you expect.

The account managers will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of your programme, They have the appropriate levels of skill and experience to carry out this role, including the provision of up-to-date information on performance and regular feedback.

We can offer significant motor industry experience and are therefore able to help you get the best from the sale of our products. We support this with the facility of in dealer product training and advice on best practice.

We also understand that dealers should be logging their existing commission structures regarding warranty, asset protection and finance with their appropriate compliance providers, as is the latest view by the FCA in providing disclosure. However, this is not a requirement for a dealer guarantee programme which is viewed as a programme designed to support dealer needs and obligations under the Sale of Goods Act (SOGA).

Online claim facilities

Having invested in support technology, our dealer network has access to our online policy registration system, which is used for:

  • New policy registrations

  • Existing policy amendments

  • Claims placement and claims monitoring

  • Historical policy information

  • Up-to-date management information

  • Ensuring that customer and vehicle

    data is captured correct first time

  • Ensuring the appropriate

    warranty/guarantee is used

  • Speeding up the registration

    process for day one cover

  • Advanced sales penetration reports

  • Individual sales monitoring


We are fully committed to working with our partners through products which best suit the needs of your business. We are completely flexible as to the products and systems best suited to your needs. Available products include:

• Fully insured MBI (infinity)
• Obligor guarantee
• Dealer guarantee
• Self-administered support services and design

We can design and deliver point of sale and systems to meet all requirements – if you need a product not listed we will create it to meet your needs.

Our challenge

Our competitors warranty companies provide a 40/60 split between administration and insurance.

If you compare your current figures, the warranty outgoings will massively outweigh the claims paid. Combined with our marketing support and programs designed to increase profit without the need for the hard sell and will increase profit and reduce costs.